The Republic of Panama is located in Central America, with an area surface of 75,517 km2 and a population of 2,839,177 inhabitants. Panama borders the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean being the territory of many of the most paradisaical islands and beaches in the entire region.
Panama is characterized by its biodiversity, the blend of culture and traditions from all over the world, its system of protected areas, social stability, inexpensive health care, high levels of education, and efficient infrastructure and services.

Panama´s strategic geographical position, in the heart of the occidental hemisphere, the positive attitude of our government concerning the foreign investment, the existing infrastructure, the access to international markets and the quality and low cost of the labor force, make Panama an ideal place to live. Because of its strategic geographical position, Panama has no frequent natural disasters such as: hurricanes, earthquakes or active volcanoes.

Panama is a safe, quiet country and an ideal place to educate your children. Family ties are very important for Panamanians, which is beneficial for your family. International prestigious schools are available for bilingual education. Fine and typical restaurants, shopping centers, department stores, 24/7 grocery stores and beautiful real estate properties all over the country are also what make Panama an excellent destiny. Considered as the “Hub of the Americas”, several flights from different well-known airlines to many destinies, Panama can definitely take you where you want to go.

For those who seek retirement in a natural and quiet area, Panama offers residential areas in the middle of nature. Panama offers an incredible variety of attractive tourist areas, the best ecotourism, exotic islands and beaches, seven aboriginal cultures, historical sites nominated as Humanity Patrimony, adventure tourism, thermal spas, diving, sport fishing, among other different activities. Panama has a room for everyone, since there are places with warm climate as well as enjoyable areas with cooler weather such as the mountains.

The abundance of ecosystems has produced some of the most rich flora and fauna on the planet. Additionally, Panama is considered as an active migratory route for many species of birds, fishes and mammals. For example, the humpback whales can be observed from many of our beaches.

Another advantage of living in Panama is that you can obtain more for your money. The circulation of the American dollar at par with our local coin and the low level of inflation permit you to stretch your bills. The cost of living is considerably low in this tropical land. Nowadays there exist many opportunities for business waiting for the creativity and interest of many.

If you are looking for an escape of the congestion and stress of an accelerated life, Panama offers you that kind of living.

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