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New Gorgona is a small fishing village which is essentially residential, with beautiful white and black beaches on the Pacific Ocean, located at 79.5 km from Panama City, you can get there through the Panamerican Highway.

Gorgona has three very unique salt and pepper beaches with bright white and black sand coming from the quartz and magnetite minerals as a result of the volcanic ground of the sleeping volcano in El Valle.

When you enter the beach from the Gorgona Ocean Front to the right there is beach called "Black Sand" that holds a fish market. At this market you can buy fresh fish, lobster, and shimp and for just a dollar you can have you 'dinner' cleaned.

Further on right from the "Black Sand" beach there is a verge a green hill which is where "Gorgona beach" is located. From there you can walk to "Coronado" beach, "El Palmar" beach and "Rio Mar" beach.

To the left of "Gorgona Ocean Front" you can take very pleasant walk on the beach and it will take you to "Malibu" beach. You can walk for miles and reach virgin places where human have not intervened yet. "Malibu" beach is famous for being a surf spot and the beach is so wide and firm you can drive there on a 4 wheel drive vehicle or do a horse beck riding. Past "Malibu Beach" you will find the ocean mingling with the river forming an estuary and a sand island in a place surrounded by nature and mountains. This is the beloved place of local birds. If you are a fan of beach combing it is the best place to collect interesting shells, small rocks and occasionally peaces of black coral. The river is fairly safe to cross at the low tide and low water but watch for ocean tides as it changes the beach and crossing ability very drastically!

One of the primary advantages of Gorgona and its neighboring towns is that there is a significant amount of infrastructure already in place. Such amenities include full scale supermarkets, pharmacies, an internet café, restaurants of every type and price range, medical and veterinary clinics, gardening centers, hardware stores, outdoor markets etc.

There are multiple places to eat around Gorgona and Coronado beach including the very popular Restaurant Bar Mi Pasada or the top notch Hotel Coronado restaurant.

Gorgona is located about 30-35 minutes from picturesque mountain town of El Valle that is nested in the crater of giant extinct volcano. El Valle is a tranquil town ringed by virgin forest and jagged parks. Elevated at 1000m (3000 ft.) above sea level is a much cooler place than a coastal areas. El Valle is known for Saturday handcrafts and local produce market, walking, hiking or horse back riding, a zoo and gardens, and a thermal bath where you can soak in hot Springs or treat yourself with healing mud mask.

For golf lovers there are many beach side golf courses in the area. If surfing is your preference there are four places where you can rent the equipment and get surfing classes.

All of these aspects of local Gorgona are sure to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

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